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Our agency independently partners with every insurance company that we can. These include some of the largest insurers in the country. So, we are positioning ourselves as the best agency in the region to help you find the best coverage at the best rates. Instead of working for just one insurer, we’re working for you. And you’ll find that’s a running theme with us – we’re here to serve our clients and their insurance needs.

Working with us, you will gain access to an expert in insurance for individuals and families. Dan Rhoads will review your current insurance policy, listen to your needs, and help you understand your coverage. Learn about potential gaps in your current coverage, and find what insurer will charge you the least for complete coverage.

Get Great Service

You probably came here looking for better rates for your insurance. And why shouldn’t you? But comparing many companies can take up a lot of time, and it’s difficult to understand the insurance terminology. What you really want is an agent who will save you time, explain your options, and make important financial decisions feel easier.

Dan Rhoads does this for you by listening to you. He responds to questions and concerns in a timely fashion and makes you feel heard. And he’s reliable. Even when the insurance industry changes, he’s on top of it, always working for your interests first and foremost.

360-Degree Protection

Dan Rhoads

Dan Rhoads Insurance Agency

Choose an Agent that Shares Your Values

We’re a small agency, and that’s good for you. With fewer than a thousand clients, we remember the name of every single client. And they each matter to us.

Dan Rhoads started building his own agency because he’s a divorced father, and only this industry could provide him the financial freedom + the ability to work from anywhere. As an independent agent, Dan can afford child support and take time off when he needs to in order to be there for them.

How Dan runs his agency is proof of his family values: his purpose drives how he provides service to others. Families like Dan’s are struggling financially and need a way to maximize income today and maintain quality of life tomorrow. So, every day, Dan works to deliver insurance and financial products that make people’s lives better.

He won’t harass potential clients. He won’t use agressive sales tactics.

What he will do is offer you coverages that he’d recommend to his own family, and his guiding principle is always, “Would his parents approve of how he treats people?”

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Health / Medicare

Healthcare in the USA costs a small fortune. And it’s extremely difficult to understand. Work with an AHIP-certified independent insurance agent to find the most coverage for the lowest price.

Home / Auto

Everyone needs insurance to protect their property from loss. You just want it at the lowest cost. Work with an independent agent to shop around for you with more insurance companies and find hidden benefits.

College / Retirement

College and Retirement are two of the biggest financial events of your life, and yet most consumers leave thousands and thousands of dollars on the table. A trusted advisor will help you prepare for big decisions.

Take the Next Step

What happens next? Get in touch with Dan, who will walk you through the process reviewing existing policies, getting quotes, and starting a policy. He’ll be with you and your family year after year. If you have to cancel, no problem, he’ll do that too. But we’re certain that you will want to stick with him as your agent. In fact, many of our clients who have left due to a change in circumstances have ended up coming back to us.

So give us a shot, and learn why it makes sense to have an insurance agent. Remember – there are no agent fees, so you have nothing to lose!

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