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About Rhoads Insurance Agency

We’re a small agency. And that’s good for you. With less than a thousand clients, we can still remember the name of every single client. And they matter to us.

Dan Rhoads started building his own agency because he’s a divorced father, and only this industry could provide him the financial freedom + the ability to work from anywhere. As an independent agent, Dan can afford child support and take time off when he needs to in order to be there for them.

How Dan runs his agency is proof of his family values: his purpose drives how he provides service to others. Families like Dan’s are struggling financially and need a way to maximize income today, and maintain their quality of life tomorrow. So, every day, Dan works to deliver the insurance and financial products that make people’s lives better.

Dan is an exemplar of someone who overcomes adversity with compassion and hope.

Who We Serve

Dan Rhoads Insurance Agency focuses on serving individuals and families who earn too much to get health insurance tax credits from Obamacare, and don’t get employee benefits from work.

Many of our clients are Real Estate Professionals and Early Retirees.

We start out by helping people like you to navigate their health insurance options. Then we help them enroll in Medicare at age 65.

We help them create their own secure retirement plans. The plans we recommend most often give great returns, protect against market volatility, and would put you in position to reap still more benefits.

Finally, we fill other needs, too. Needs like Homeowners and Car Insurance.

Our goal is to help you cover what you need covered, at rates that beat out competitors. That way, you have more money to invest in your family, your retirement, your future.

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