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Why Use An Insurance Agent?

Utilize An Insurance Agent At No Additional Cost

Work with an insurance agent who knows your name.

Get clear guidance when selecting from the best plans.

Know who to call when something isn’t working.

We’re a small, one-person agency. And that’s good for you. With less than a thousand clients, Dan Rhoads can still remember the name of every single client. And they matter to him.

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Finding the Best Value Plans

Our Philosophy

You want coverage that fits your budget.

But you also want coverage that gives you peace of mind.

And you want an insurance agent that you like and trust.

Product Knowledge

Dan Rhoads is an insurance agent who’s seen a lot life and health insurance companies’ products. He understands the federal and state regulations, and knows what is available. He’s searched it all. And Dan knows which plans are best serving people in just about every situation. He’s an independent agent, so he can shop around with all of the insurance companies approved in each of the states he works in.


A Big Heart

Dan has a huge heart, and his philosophy is to treat each and every one of his clients like family. He wants to see you get the best plans at the lowest rates; he wants you to get insurance that’s good enough for his family. And Dan doesn’t want to see anyone have a hospitalization while un-insured or under-insured, when he could have helped.


Honesty & Integrity

He’ll tell you candidly the pros and cons of the plans you have to chose from. He’ll also tell you honestly if you would be better off to go to the Healthcare Marketplace, even though it’s expensive.

Because if he earns your trust, is accessible to you even after-hours, and really knows his products – well you’ll come back to him year after year. In fact, he strives to be an insurance agent that you’d tell your friends and family about, because he’s that good.


Isn’t that the kind of insurance agent that you want?

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