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Why Work with An Insurance Agency?

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Work with an agent who knows your name.

Get clear guidance when selecting from the best plans.

Know who to call when something isn’t working.

We’re a small, one-person agency. And that’s good for you. With less than a thousand clients, Dan Rhoads can still remember the name of every single client. And they matter to him.

Health Insurance

Health ProtectorGuard plans are private health insurance plans that are flexible and help you with medical bills immediately. These benefits are paid regardless of other insurance coverage, and moves with you between employers.

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Life Insurance

Your family needs you and all that you do for them. But what happens if you’re no longer there? Life Insurance can replace your income when you die or pay off a mortgage, and help to avoid probate. It protects those you love.

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If you have money to set aside for retirement, an Annuity‘s tax-free growth may make sense. An annuity is especially a good choice for those who want to protect their hard-earned dollars, and want to make sure that they don’t outlive their savings.

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Get Private Insurance that YOU own

Employer coverage only lasts as long as your position

If you get sick and then leave your employer, you’ll be stuck.

Get insurance that is guaranteed, regardless of health & employment changes.

Group coverages are great in that your employer contributes to the cost of it. But what if your health takes a downturn and you leave your job? You’d be forced to choose between COBRA and expensive ACA Marketplace plans for health. And, you might be ineligible for life insurance.

There’s another path. You can get private insurance that works in addition to group insurance, increasing your health benefits when you are employed. Then, if you leave your job, you will still have insurance to protect your family’s financial position.

Add Dental Insurance

Avoid other unforseen expenses by adding Dental plans to your health insurance. Receive regular cleanings at your dentist, and repairs when you need it. You can also add vision benefits that help you get prescription eyewear – glasses or contacts.

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Transition to Medicare

When you turn 65, you’ll transition to Medicare. We will be there to help you enroll in Parts A, B and D. Then we’ll complete your coverage with the most competitively-priced Medicare Supplement plan. Or provide you with Medicare Advantage alternatives.

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