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We’re a small agency. And that’s good for you. With less than a thousand clients, we can still remember the name of every single client. And they matter to us.

Dan Rhoads started building his own insurance agency because he’s a divorced father, and only this industry could provide him the financial freedom + the ability to work from anywhere. As an independent agent, Dan can afford child support and take time off when he needs to in order to be there for them.

How Dan runs his agency is proof of his family values: his purpose drives how he provides insurance to others. Families like Dan’s are struggling financially and need a way to maximize income today, and maintain their quality of life tomorrow. So, every day, Dan works to deliver the insurance and financial products that make people’s lives better.

Dan is an exemplar of someone who overcomes adversity with compassion and hope.

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He was nice and made it way less stressful to get insurance. I definitely recommend Daniel and this agency!


Dan was very helpful in assisting me with choosing the right insurance plan for my family. I emailed him several times with questions and he responded quickly, no matter what time of day or night it was. I greatly appreciate all of his effort and help with our insurance needs and would highly recommend him.


I have dealt with other agents/agencies when seeking Life & Health Insurance previously but Dan is now my go to Man! He is an expert in his field, he was a pleasure to work with! Was kind and courteous! Thank You Dan!


Dan was awesome! I love his attentive to detail and he made sure that I got the best value for my money and for the needs of my family. The process of working with Dan was the best experience I have ever had!


Dan is very knowledgeable and helped me find the coverage that works for my health problems and my budget. Any time I’ve had any questions or issues, he is always available and more than happy to help me out! I’ve never had a health insurance agent before, and now I’ll never buy health insurance without one!

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