Your Agent, Dan Rhoads

Your Agent, Dan Rhoads

Dan grew up in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania and was raised on the Upper Perk swimming team. After graduating in 1996, he studied biology at Lehigh and Cornell Universities with the plan to go to work in biotech or pharma at some point. Life took a detour and he ended up living in Cyprus, an EU-member country and island in the eastern Mediterranean, for 8 years. He returned in January 2016, living in Pinellas Park, Florida for 15 months. During that time, Dan joined the financial services industry and began selling life insurance. In the Spring of 2017, he moved back to his hometown of Pennsburg and began selling health insurance alongside life insurance. In Spring 2020, Dan joined Strategic Insurance Services and began offering auto and homeowners insurance, also. His attitude is, “Help people get what they want first, and then everything else will take care of itself.”

Dan is divorced with 2 daughters who are the light of his life. He works hard to support them and enjoys the flexibility to visit them regularly, in spite of the fact that they still live in Cyprus. He visits them up to 4 times a year on extended trips. On the side, Dan also enjoys birdwatching both in the US and in Europe. He is his family’s historian and enjoys researching ancestry online and in the local community, where his family has lived since immigrating from southern Germany over 280 years ago and since fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars and in WWII.

Recent years have seen big changes for Dan as he adopted healthier eating habits and joined the YMCA to start swimming lots of laps again for the first time in 24 years. Most days you’ll find Dan working from home or squeezing in some time watching the birds outside his office while helping clients over the phone. And, when he travels, he absolutely loves getting to know a new place through his stomach, by going to restaurants that are packed with the locals.

Our Oath

We believe in our insurance products. So much so that we don’t need to “sell” you, or use agressive sales tactics. We only need the opportunity to speak with you in order to match you with the insurance that meets your needs.

Our agents will only recommend the insurance products that they would provide their own families.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a policy for less by going directly through a carrier?

No. It is illegal to charge extra for going through an agent.


How does an agent get paid then?

Agents are paid based on how many people they provide insurance for. That way, the insurance company pays an agent based on how productive they are.


Are all agents good?

No. There are many who try to omit details (and sometimes lie outright) – whatever it takes to get the sale, right? That’s why you should know your agent’s National Producer Number or State License Number, so if you have to, you can report them to your state department of insurance.

Our agency believes in educating our clients truthfully. Our candor does sometimes lose us a sale that a less scrupulous agent would be able to make, but we put our clients first. We want loyal clients, not clients at any cost.


Can I work with only one agent?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Find an agent that you trust, and get all of your life and health insurance through that expert if possible.

Home and Auto insurance require a different license to be able to sell. You will have to find another agent for those products.

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