Your Agent’s Philosophy of Service

Obviously, people need health and life insurance. Today however, few people feel safe when it comes to their insurance; the health insurance industry in particular is messy, complicated, and it feels like every agent is just trying to sell you something for their own gain.

Dan Rhoads feels that this just isn’t right. He feels strongly that his CHARACTER is more important than his income, and that concern for people is his sole concern. He is committed to complete candor at all times, even if it loses him a client. And he’ll always be generous with his time for everyone, clients and non-clients alike.

Talk to Dan and find out just how much he cares about character.

Your Agent’s Background


Dan Rhoads got his insurance license in early 2016, and his initial experience was with life insurance. In 2017, he added Health Insurance to the areas he works with, and that is now what he works the most with. Dan has worked with a long list of insurance carriers including, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, National General, Foresters, Ameritas, Transamerica, Lifeshield, Chubb, IHC, IAIC, and more. He is a licensed health and life insurance expert in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

Dan is affiliated with and a part of Michael Bennett’s agency, who is a leader in the health insurance industry and has been on Advisory Panels for Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, HumanaOne, and United Healthcare.



Prior to entering the insurance industry, Dan was a PhD researcher in academia. He’s worked at Cornell University and the University of Cyprus, and lived in Europe for 8 years. Dan has also worked in sales of Medical Devices, and been a team lead for pharmaceutical drug discovery projects. Asked why he switched from science into sales, Dan answers, “Like every parent in a growing family, I needed job security. And, frankly, I wasn’t satisfied working in a lab. I wanted to get out and help people find solutions.”

Dan lives in Pennsylvania, and has two daughters.

Dan Rhoads: Specializing in Individual & Family Health Insurance, Health Insurance Supplements, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Life Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (484) 509-1784

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a policy for less by going directly through a carrier?

No. It is illegal to charge extra for going through an agent.


How does an agent get paid then?

Agents are paid based on how many people they provide insurance for. That way, the insurance company pays an agent based on how productive they are.


Are all agents good?

No. There are many who try to omit details (and sometimes lie outright) – whatever it takes to get the sale, right? That’s why you should know your agent’s National Producer Number or State License Number, so if you have to, you can report them to your state department of insurance.

Our agency believes in educating our clients truthfully. Our candor does sometimes lose us a sale that a less scrupulous agent would be able to make, but we put our clients first. We want loyal clients, not clients at any cost.


Can I work with only one agent?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Find an agent that you trust, and get all of your life and health insurance through that expert if possible.

Home and Auto insurance require a different license to be able to sell. You will have to find another agent for those products.

Dan Rhoads