Combo 360 Plans

Major Medical plans are increasingly coming with higher and higher deductibles, and less and less benefits for routine checkups and outpatient services.

Indemnity plans on the other hand, cover routine checkups and outpatient services, but have no guarantee of a cap on how much you might have to pay for medical bills in a year.

United Healthcare has the solution. Combine a high deductible 12-month Short Term Medical plan (Part 1) with a Hospital and Doctor plan (Part 2) to get the best of both worlds. One plan guarantees security if your medical expenses explode, and the other promises affordable medical care until then.


Part 1: $2 Million High Deductible UHC Value Select A 

  • United HealthCare’s National Network
  • Short Term Medical for 360 days
  • $75 Copay for Urgent Care
  • $10,000 Hospital Deductible
  • After Deductible you pay 40% of covered charges until you have paid another $5000.
  • Max Exposure is $15,000
  • Keep in mind Part 2 will cover PART or possibly ALL your maximum $15,000 exposure


PART 2: Select a Health ProtectorGuard Select Value, No Deductible –First Dollar Coverage

  • Choose your own Doctor
  • Plan pays $100 per Office or Urgent Care visit 5 times per Year per a family Member
  • Preventive Coverage (after 6 months)
  • Hospital benefit is $3,000 per a day
  • You chose your own Hospital
  • ER Coverage
  • Lab and Imaging Benefits
  • Surgical Benefit Schedule


Customize your plan with a few other options I recommend:

Teledoc: For $20 per month your entire family has access to a physician by phone any time, saves you the time and expense of running to a doctor.

Dental:  United Healthcare National PPO – The #1 Selling Dental Insurance in the country.

Vision: Yearly coverage for Eye Exam, contact lenses, and/or glasses.


This new One Year PPO is significantly less expensive than an Affordable Care Act insurance plan. You do need to be relatively healthy to qualify. Pre-existing conditions are NOT covered and there are some exclusions. Please see the attached plan description for more information. 

Please call me directly and we can review all this again. Or I can assist you in submitting an application. We do have other options available, so please keep me posted on your thoughts!