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College Funding

Wall Street Journal | Financial Games Colleges Play – “Selecting a college is one of the most complicated and important financial decisions many people ever make. Right now, students don’t even have enough information to understand what they’re choosing. That’s a shame, and it goes a long way toward explaining why so many students leave college with debt they can’t afford to repay.”

College is a Business

Dan Rhoads is a Certified College Advisor (CCA) and an authorized representative with the American College Foundation (ACF) and College Funding Solutions, Inc.

Preparation for college includes 3 components – academic, community, and financial. Students that are serious about college could benefit from our turnkey college planning solution, eCollegePro, to get set up for success. This is proprietary software that you can’t get anywhere else. And, it will benefit you greatly to start as early as the Freshman year of High School.

Colleges are willing to pay to get the students they want. It’s a business, of course. It’s true, you can get help from the college you’re trying to get into, but their interests are not aligned with yours. They are seeking to find students, and get those students paying all that they can. Instead, turn the tables on them and work with us, by treating college like a business yourself.

First, I’ll get you started with eCollegePro, which helps students prepare for the academic and community aspects of the college prep process. Then, I’ll help parents with the financial aspects of getting ready for college. I’ll help make FAFSA seem easy, reduce your Expected Family Contribution, and understand your child’s Financial Aid Award Letter

Core Building Blocks

Established strategies, essential know-how, and step-by-step guidelines delivered in real-time are at the heart of the ECP Program. Families have unlimited access to vital ‘core building blocks’ through personalized web-based resources that were created and designed to guide students and parents through the entire college planning process. ECP is loaded with dynamic behind-the-scenes procedures, insider secrets, must-know techniques, and a month-by-month timeline, all in one easy-to-use, convenient format.

+ Advanced Consultation

Families who receive instruction and develop knowledge on all aspects of the college planning process are often most successful. ECP is structured to handle each student / family on a case-by-case basis. This may include more in-depth, personalized consultation. ECP can be custom-tailored to help each family level the playing field by concentrating their efforts on what matters most, making the best use of their time, and positioning themselves to succeed.

College Funding Myths

“We make too much money to be eligible for financial aid.” – Colleges are willing to pay to get the students they want. If your son or daughter is doing his or her part to prepare for college, they can have colleges competing for them. And, I’ll be able to get colleges to “find a drawer with more financial aid in it.”

“We can only afford a state university.” – The truth is that the cost of college doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. The “Sticker Price” for a university might go up, but so too can the financial aid if the student is engaged and puts in the effort.

“I can do this for my son/daughter, by myself.” – Few families have insider knowledge on how to game the system when it comes to college admissions and financial aid. The truth is that most families accept paying the retail price for college, and put no effort into finding the wholesale price. With so much money on the line, can you really afford to go it alone?

Our Process

Meeting with Dan Rhoads is an important first step towards setting yourself up for college success. It is an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and aspirations and learn more about how we can help.

You are under no obligation and your initial meeting with Dan Rhoads will be relaxed, informal and is free for anyone!

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College Funding | Dan Rhoads, Certified College Advisor