Normal Phone Hours

Hours of Operation

These are the normal hours that Dan is available. His availability for evenings and weekends is at his discretion.

He is usually available however for evenings and weekends.

Additionally, Zoom Meetings by Appointment

***Not holding in-person appointments***

About Current Hours of Operation

Dan Rhoads’ insurance agency has been a work-from-home operation since it’s inception. All along, we have conducted most of our business over the phone. So, very little has changed since COVID-19. And insurance is considered an essential business industry.

We continue to be available over the phone, during the normal hours of operation as shown. We simply have ceased to be available for face-to-face appointments. Instead, we are hosting Zoom meetings with clients, and when that is not possible we are recording and sending descriptions of quoted plan benefits using Loom.

Please contact us using the phone number shown, or the webform below.

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