Protect your Retirement

Defer taxes

Maximize your benefits

What is a Fixed Index Annuity?

Are Indexed Financial Products for You?

Safe Money Places

In a bad market year, annuities don’t lose capital.

Experience growth in good years based on index performance.

Managed mutual funds and variable investments can be volatile. It’s true that they can earn a lot, but they can lose a lot, too. Let’s face it, that’s a risk some shouldn’t be taking. Because if a bad year hits, you won’t have as much time to let your stock portfolios to recover.

Fixed index annuities are a Safe Money alternative. They’re guaranteed to never lose capital, even in a bad year. And in good years, you can participate in growth with interest calculated from a market index, such as the S&P500.

How will an Annuity help enhance my retirement?

Gain Social Security and Tax Benefits

Annuities won’t count against other financial benefits

Tax-deferred growth until a withdrawal is made

Benefits: Income from annuities will not effect your social security or other benefits. For instance, Social Security does not count pension payments, annuities, or the interest or dividends from your savings and investments as earnings. Similarly for college financial aid applications – annuities aren’t counted, making your family eligible for tuition aid packages.

Compounding: Because earnings will not be taxed until withdrawals are made or regular distributions start, clients benefit from triple compounding: earning interest on principal, interest on interest, and interest on tax savings.

Lifetime Income: Most annuities a monthly income, that are guaranteed to continue for as long as you live. So you will never be at risk of spending your savings dry.

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