A United Healthcare company

We sell a lot of Golden Rule insurance policies here at the Rhoads Insurance Agency. And, we get a lot of questions about what this company is, since many consumers have never heard of it. Our usual response is that it is a United Healthcare company, or that it is a subsidiary of UHC. While that is correct, it would help to elaborate.

The Golden Rule Insurance Company was founded in 1940, and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were closely involved in the creation of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in the 1990s, and have for decades been a leader in health insurance for individuals and families. Their plans are medically underwritten. And today they are best known for their Short-Term Medical (STM) insurance plans, which consistently offer competitive rates over other STM providers. They also offer outstanding dental and vision insurance from United Healthcare, their parent company.


Golden Rule gets bought by United Healthcare

In 2003, United Healthcare bought Golden Rule and incorporated it into its corporate group. While United Healthcare offers health insurance products to over 28 million Americans, that is spread out over Medicare, group employer, and individual sectors. And Golden Rule accounts for the majority of its presence in the individual sector, and also uses the brand name United Health One.


Where our agency stands

We have been offering products through United Health One since 2018. Our clients have been very satisfied, on the whole. In fact, many clients have found us by searching for United Healthcare, because their STM coverages are the gold standard of the individual insurance sector. Their benefits are competitive, and their premiums are as affordable or better than any other individual insurance company.


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