Life Insurance

For The Ones You Love

If you died, your family would not only be grieving emotionally, but struggling financially as well.

Reasons for Life Insurance

  • Help pay off a mortgage or other debt.
  • Replace lost income.
  • Cover children‘s expenses, and college.
  • Gain convertable benefits
  • Leave an inheritance.
  • Accumulate cash value for retirement

Life Insurance is for them

Many people think they don’t need life insurance. All people hope that it will be a long time before they need it. But when they do, I can be there for them if they’re clients. How powerful is that, right?

Conversely, the people that wait until they do need Life, Disability, & LTC insurance, are the ones that I cannot do much to help, unfortunately. Because the closer a person gets to needing such insurance, the higher and higher the rates become.

So, don’t wait until you need it. Act on it. As soon as you have someone that you love or assets that need protection, set aside money to protect your quality of life.

You can start with the Financial Needs Planner tool embedded above (on this page). That will direct you to the type of insurance that fits your needs most.

Then, call me. I can be reached at 484-509-1784. It’s FREE to talk to me and get an honest, no-nonsense proposal.

Most call it Life Insurance. But wouldn’t it be better to call it Love Insurance.

Your family depends on you. If you died, your family would not only be grieving emotionally, but struggling financially as well. You love them, and want to know that they’ll be okay when you’re gone.

Remember, you don’t get it for you. You get it for them.

What is Mortgage Protection?

Perhaps the biggest reason to get life insurance is to protect a mortgage. In that case, we call the life insurance a Mortgage Protection plan. But what can Mortgage Protection do for you?

Available Benefits Include:

  • Death – Your family can pay off your loan in the event of your death.
  • Disability – Can pay your monthly mortgage payments if you can’t work due to an injury.
  • Young Dependents – Provides your children and other young dependents basic protection alongside your own.
  • Critical Illness – Can be used to pay your mortgage payments if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illnes, or have a covered critical procedure.

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