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Why Use An Insurance Agent?

and not a Certified Financial Planner

No annual fees deducted from your investment.

Protection against market volatility and loses.

Savings products double as life insurance.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but life insurance companies offer amazing retirement solutions as well as regular old life insurance. In many cases, these companies own the major banks. They offer products like indexed universal life and fixed index annuities, that create accounts for your savings. While you’re letting your money grow in those accounts, they’re investing it elsewhere.

Your savings gets credited interest based on market index performance. But here’s the amazing part – if the market does poorly, you don’t lose money! That’s because your retirement savings are in banking and insurance assets that are far safer than anything an investment broker can offer you. There aren’t even any management fees deducted from your account yearly.

Take a 401(k) for instance. Dan Rhoads hasn’t contributed to a 401(k) since 2016, and the value of his 401(k) has not gone up since then. Ask yourself, why would Dan go back to contributing to a 401(k)? He doesn’t, and wouldn’t. Instead, he contributes to an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) plan, and knows that he’ll be able to roll it over into a large annuity when he retires.

Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Are Indexed Financial Products for You?

Safe Money Places

In a bad market year, annuities don’t lose capital.

Experience growth in good years based on index performance.

Managed mutual funds and variable investments can be volatile. It’s true that they can earn a lot, but they can lose a lot, too. Let’s face it, that’s a risk some shouldn’t be taking. Because if a bad year hits, you won’t have as much time to let your stock portfolios to recover.

Fixed index annuities are a Safe Money alternative. They’re guaranteed to never lose capital, even in a bad year. And in good years, you can participate in growth with interest calculated from a market index, such as the S&P500.

Indexed Retirement Solutions