Indexed Retirement Plans

What if you found out that some kinds of life insurance could be used for retirement plans? You’d want to learn more, right?

It’s impossible to predict the future performance of the markets, but having a minimum guaranteed interest rate protects your money. Traditional investments can lose a lot of value in a recession, and take years to recover from losses.

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IUL versus Roth
Indexed Retirement Plans

Source: Yahoo Finance GSPC Historical Prices, and

This historical performance of the S&P 500® is not a guarantee of its future performance and is not guaranteed. This chart is only intended to show how a hypothetical index with a 0% annual floor and 10% annual cap might potentially outperform that index on its own.

This chart does not represent any specific financial product and does not reflect the costs of any optional riders or the effects of any withdrawals on policy values.

The Power of Indexing

What makes index crediting so smart?

Indexed retirement plans have 0% floor on annual interest rates. While other investments could lose money during a recession, your indexed retirement plan stays the same.

And you can participate in growth when the index is performing well. Your retirement plan will be soaring ahead while traditional investments are recovering loses from a downturn.

While not for everyone, indexed universal life insurance policies are a viable option for people looking for the security of a fixed universal life policy and the interest-earning potential of a variable policy.

Indexed Retirement Plans