The only certainties in life are Death and Taxes. How life’s certainties hit you and your family depends on whether you have done any planning ahead or not.

As a life and health insurance agent, I’ve heard so many stories of people who had plan for when they:

  • either died and left their families with no money for a funeral, a pile of credit card debt, and a mortgage,
  • or were diagnosed with a sickness that could only be treated with extremely expensive medicine or surgery,
  • or had an injury that left them out of work and reliant on only about $600 a month from SSDI.

All that these people had to do was to sit down with their families and do a little planning, speaking with an agent and an estate lawyer. [Funeral Planning Checklist]

Planning Ahead

Reasons that people give for not planning ahead vary. It costs too much; they make too little; they don’t have time – and many other excuses. But that’s really what it is, an excuse.

I speak though from my experience. I’ve been out of work, down to zero income or close to it, and choosing between planning on one hand and paying immediate life necessities on the other. I didn’t have a plan when life hit me hard. I had to adjust, rebuild, and find ways to overcome my challenges.

There are countless stories of people who had massive challenges to overcome and, rather than accepting a wretched life that would someday be crushed by life and taxes, they chose planning ahead and hard work. People like Eric Thomas. Or people like me – I was a jobless father whose first career was in ashes, and my children depended upon me for financial support. Now I’m on the road back and working to help other people build their lives.

Anyone with a will and a pair of hands can step up and find ways to be a little bit more profitable. Even if it’s for only an hour or two a week to start. Step up and do what you can, with what you have, when you can. You’ll find that you’re making more than you did before, and soon you’ll be making more than you are now.

And every step along the way, you can be planning ahead to keep you from sliding too far backwards, when your health gives you a setback.