Shop Insurance as a Package

Cover all of your priorities

Select a Health Insurance Plan, with Dental & Vision.

Add Life Insurance with Living Benefits – life insurance that can pay out while you’re still alive, if you have a critical or chronic illness.

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Write Down Your Doctors’ and Dentist’s names’

Shop Insurance Networks

You want insurance that your providers accept, if you already have a doctor or dentist.

Take stock and be prepared when speaking to an agent. That means, if you have providers you’re committed to, write down their names. And while you’re at it, write down all of the prescriptions you take, including dosages and frequency.

Set your budget, determine your priorities

Set the Ground Rules

You might feel healthy and have enough liquid assets to be comfortable with a $10,000.

Or you could be struggling, and unable to afford even a $1000 unexpected medical bill.

But maybe you’re somewhere in between.

When speaking with your agent, you will want to keep your monthly insurance premiums within your budget. But you’ll also want to have the coverage that matches your level of financial security or vulnerability. Come prepared with rough answers to which situation you fall into.

Fill the Gaps to Enhance Your Coverage

Select a Supplemental Plan

In the previous step, you may have had to choose a deductible that was too high, in order to be under your budget.

We can fix that by offering a Hospital and Doctor Plan, or an Accident Plan, to pay for medical expenses until you reach your deductible. A package deal can come out less expensive per month, and still offer comprehensive protection.

Don’t forget to protect your smile, your sight, and your income

Add Dental, Vision, and Life

Your smile and your sight are important. Why wouldn’t you want to get regular checkups and ensure that you’re at your best!

And don’t forget: your family counts on your income. If something should happen to you – death or critical illness – your financial stability may evaporate. Get life insurance to protect your family and replace your income, should the worst happen.

Shop Insurance Plans with an Agent that Cares