Dental Insurance

How much is your smile worth?

What Can Dental Insurance Do For You?

Avoid other unforseen expenses by adding Dental plans to your health insurance. Receive regular cleanings at your dentist, and repairs when you need it. You can also add vision benefits that help you get prescription eyewear – glasses or contacts.

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Need dental care ASAP?

Find Plans with No Waiting Periods

Most dental insurance won’t cover major services for 12 months.

Many people however need dental care immediately.

And benefits increase over time to normal coinsurances.

It’s important for your smile to go for semi-annual cleanings and polishings. But we get it… like many people, you may have skipped going to the dentist for years. Don’t wait any longer. Protect your smile.

Or maybe you waited too long, and now your teeth are in urgent need of major services. Such as a root canal, implants, crowns, or dentures. Either way, we can help you find a solution that gives you access to a large network of dentists, and real savings.

Need Implants or Orthodontics?

Ensure Coverage for Major Services

Implants and Braces are not covered by some dental insurances.

If you know that you need these specifically, let us know.

That way, we can direct you to the right plan for you.

Implants and braces are some the most expensive dental services. So we understand that you may need a plan that covers these services and has high maximums. These plans might cost a little bit more, but we have such plans that offer great value.

Note that even dental insurance plans that cover these services have fine print associated with them. Our agents are familiar with them all, and the terms and conditions. As a result, we can explain the details to you and how much you might save.

What about Vision Insurance

Add Benefits for Prescription Eyewear

Get Vision benefits that give you massive savings on glasses/contacts

Be amazed how affordable a vision plan is!

If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that good quality eyewear can be expensive if you pay retail. With a vision network however, you get access to amazing co-pays and discounts. A vision policy will truly pay for itself.

We provide your choice of insurance with 3 of the largest visioncare networks in the United States – Spectera, VSP and EyeMed, and can review the strengths of each with you.

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