Health ProtectorGuard

A Hospital and Doctor Health Insurance Plan

Looking for health insurance that pays for itself, and can stick with you year after year?

Predictable first dollar benefits for doctor care, hospital stays, outpatient services, and wellness visits.

Health Insurance people who want coverage that…

  • … does not need to be renewed every year.
  • … covers pre-existing conditions (after 12 months).
  • … reduces normal out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Health ProtectorGuard pays a set amount of money when you receive specific covered medical services.

That’s money that can serve as a financial boost to help you deal with those expenses.

Health Insurance with United Health One

Our best advice is to understand buying health insurance in the United States is extraordinarily complicated. Our agents can quickly learn about your situation and show you viable options to obtain coverage.

Why United Healthcare?

Our agents are contracted with a variety of insurance companies. Some are available only through group plans or the Marketplace. But the best individual and family insurance plans are with United Healthcare. We save our clients a lot of money through them. That’s why we proudly put UHC front and center as a leading carrier.


  • No deductible. The insurance pays first, and you’re sent an invoice for what you owe afterwards.
  • Choose any licensed doctor in the United States.
  • No coordination with other forms of insurance, which means a fixed amount is paid for a covered service regardless of when or how other health insurance you may have pays the claim.
  • Save more using Multiplan’s nationwide PPO network.
  • As long as you continue the monthly payments, coverage can continue until age 65.
  • After 12 months, this plan will pay for pre-existing conditions.
  • Plans underwritten by Golden Rule, a United Healthcare company.
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