Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

Obamacare Coverage

For those who qualify for tax credit subsidies, Obamacare is the preferred choice. We can help you determine whether you qualify based on your household income.

*Those individuals with pre-existing conditions, requiring treatments and therapy, or taking brand-name drugs, will also want to sign up for Obamacare. If you fall in this category, you’ll want to join an Obamacare plan, regardless of your household income.

Private PPO Plans

For those who do not qualify for a tax credit subsidy due to your income, you will quickly find out that Obamacare is expensive. While private PPO plans have fewer protections and higher copays, these are attractive due to premiums that are 30-60% lower.

However, these plans are more suitable for healthier individuals, because they do not have certain protections. You will see medical questions during enrollment applications, to block enrollment for those unsuited for these plans.

Dealing with a High Deductible?

Hospital and Doctor plans pay a set amount of cash when you receive specific covered medical services. Those fixed benefits are paid regardless of other insurance coverage and can help with out-of-pocket medical costs or deductibles.

Accident and Critical Illness policies can provide a large lump-sum benefit if a serious accident or critical illness strikes.

If you’re stuck considering a primary plan with a high deductible that you cannot afford to pay, consider a low-cost secondary plan.

Add Dental & Vision

Protect your smile and your eyesight, too. An insurance advisor will help you find the best benefits for the providers that you want to go to. We’ll make it easy to stay healthy and save money while doing so.

If you are over 65 years old, check on Medicare coverage:

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