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2020 Health Insurance is HERE

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Compare Aetna and United Healthcare PPO on health insurance for 2020.

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Find a plan that works with your doctors and dentists.

Get additional savings by using the largest PPO in America.

Why Not ACA Marketplace Plans?

You Can Qualify for Lower Rates

Not everyone gets a subsidy to make Obamacare affordable.

Many people don’t have pre-existing conditions.

And some do not need expensive prescription medicines. is great, for certain people. Go with that if you know you will have high medical bills. For the rest of us however, the ACA Marketplace (Obamacare) is way too expensive as health insurance.

What about Pre-Existing Conditions?

Lock-in Coverage While Healthy

If you get sick and then leave your employer, you’ll be stuck with expensive options.

Pre-existing conditions can prevent you from renewing some insurance plans.

We have insurance options that are guaranteed, as long as you maintain them.

Group health insurance is great in that your employer contributes to the cost of it. But what if your health takes a downturn and you leave your job? You’d be forced to choose between COBRA and expensive ACA Marketplace plans for health insurance.

There’s another path. You can get private insurance that is guaranteed as long as you continue making monthly payments, regardless of what happens. Your rates would never change due to medical claims, only increasing slowly as you grow older.

Then, when you are about to turn 65, we can help you trasition to Medicare.

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