Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

We know that cost is the #1 factor in choosing homeowners insurance. But most people we talk to want great service from their insurance advisor, too.

Insurance You Can Trust In

You want to have confidence in your insurance company, and know that if something happens, they’ll pay to restore it to new. That’s a big concern. Can you just imagine how it would feel if something would happen to your home, but the insurer replied that the cause of damage wasn’t covered? We’d hate that, too. And that’s why we review coverages with clients every single year.

For instance, do you know that some causes of water damage aren’t always covered except by adding it to a homeowners policy? Or what is covered in cases of burglary?

Property Protection at Replacement Cost

Some homeowners insurance pays for claims on an Actual Cash Value basis. That means that they’ll pay only what the damaged property was worth if you would’ve tried to sell it. But what happens when a home depreciates over time? That’s right, the value of the home decreases.

If your property depreciates in value over time due to age, and then something happens. You’ll be grateful for being insured to the Replacement Cost of your home.

Annual Reviews with Your Agent

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert on homeowners insurance. That’s our job. We’ll help you understand the coverages. And if you have personal property of value, we’ll include coverage for that in the insurance policy.

We’ll review your property and liabilities every year, year after year.

Homeowners with Us

Dan Rhoads is the owner/sole-proprietor of the Rhoads Insurance Agency. He is independently contracted with over 40 insurance companies, and prioritizes the following:

  • Diversity of options
  • Accessibility
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Honesty

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For Home and Auto Insurance, Dan partners with Strategic Insurance Services, and their amazing service team.

Homeowners insurance

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