Why is Life Insurance Important?

Your family depends on you. If you died, your family would not only be grieving emotionally, but struggling financially as well. You love them, and want to know that they’ll be okay when you’re gone.

Most people get Life Insurance for these 6 reasons.

  • Help pay off a mortgage or other debt.
  • Replace lost income.
  • Cover children‘s expenses, and college.
  • Gain convertable benefits
  • Leave an inheritance.
  • Accumulate cash value for retirement
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What is Mortgage Protection?

Perhaps the biggest reason to get life insurance is to protect a mortgage. In that case, we call the life insurance a Mortgage Protection plan. But what can Mortgage Protection do for you?

Available Benefits Include:

  • Death – Your family can pay off your loan in the event of your death.
  • Disability – Can pay your monthly mortgage payments if you can’t work due to an injury*.
  • Young Dependents – Provides your children and other young dependents basic protection alongside your own.
  • Critical Illness – Can be used to pay your mortgage payments if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illnes, or have a covered critical procedure.

*Issuance of a policy may depend on health answers stated in the application. Product base plans, provisions, features and riders may not be available in all states, may vary by state, and may be subject to eligibility requirements. If you set an appointment with us, an independent, licensed life and disability insurance agent will contact you to explain product details.

Why work with an agent?

Shop Multiple Insurance Carriers

Every plan has it’s own rules about who qualifies for coverage

Our team will get you the plan with the best rates you can qualify for.

Life insurance companies have to publish very clear guidelines as to who qualifies for coverage. Some might accept someone with diabetes but accept a person with COPD, while another might do the opposite. It is the agent’s job to listen to you and your situation. That agent will point you towards the life insurance product that you can qualify for and gives you the lowest monthly premium.

But more important than our product knowledge is how much we care. We say that, “Clients don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.” That’s why we’ll take the time to get to know you, your family, and what matters most to you.

Life Insurance that protects your family's future and replaces income