Short Term Medical

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**We will help you look at and compare ACA Marketplace plans versus Short Term Medical Plans, and other options besides.

Key things to consider:

Deductibles – How much can your family afford to pay before your health insurance kicks in? You want to keep this no higher than your combined bank balances and credit limits.

Copays – Do you want a plan that covers most of the cost of a doctors visit, or do you want to save money on insurance premiums by paying for checkups out-of-pocket?

Coinsurance – After reaching the deductible, do you want the insurance to pay for 100%, or is 80% of medical bills enough?

Out-of-Pocket Maximum – The point at which 80/20 or 70/30 coinsurance plans switch to 100% coverage. Your health insurance is there to shield you from ANY losses after this point.

Insurance Carriers

Our best advice is to understand buying health insurance in the United States is extraordinarily complicated. Our agents can quickly learn about your situation and show you viable options to obtain coverage.

Short Term Medical Health Insurance